Complications and Risks of Ignoring Wisdom Tooth Extraction

wisdom teeth extraction

Precautions During Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are at the back of the mouth. They can grow in adulthood from age 17 to 25. Very often they become a cause of pain or discomfort and when this happens the solution recommended by most dentists is extracting the wisdom tooth causing problems.

Wisdom tooth extraction in Abu Dhabi is a common and painless procedure carried out safely in many clinics and health facilities. Boston Dental Center offers painless tooth extraction in Abu Dhabi for those who want to prevent further dental damage and avoid complications that can arise from wisdom tooth problems. 

Risks and complications from wisdom teeth can arise due to several reasons including:

  • There is not enough space in the mouth
  • They emerge partially
  • They cause damage to adjacent teeth
  • They cause infection and decay

In the event of any pain or discomfort, then ignoring the problem won’t help. It is essential to have the problem addressed because the risks of ignoring wisdom tooth pain can be serious. With delay, the extraction process can become more complicated and challenging. 

If you are experiencing symptoms like pain behind molars, swelling or redness, jaw pain, and stiffness, then it is time to consult a dentist. With timely action, you can safeguard your oral health and overall well-being. 

Your dentist can guide you if the wisdom tooth needs to be extracted or not. You can get details about different dental clinic wisdom tooth removal processes and settle for one that you feel can take the best care of you. Wisdom tooth extraction cost in Abu Dhabi can vary, but usually, it is around AED 749 to AED 3499.

Oral Hygiene: You must practice good oral hygiene if you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain. Regular brushing and flossing keep the space around the wisdom tooth sterile and minimize the risk of dental infections.

Saltwater Rinse: Rinsing the mouth with warm and saltwater several times a day controls inflammation and speeds up the healing process.

Ice Packs: Wisdom tooth disease can be extremely painful but the pain can be reduced by placing an ice pack on the outside of the cheek near the infected area. It helps to numb the pain and reduce swelling. It is advisable to wrap the ice in a cloth or a towel to avoid the direct impact on your skin.

Over-the-counter medicine: Ibuprofen or acetaminophen helps decrease wisdom tooth pain and inflammation. Only recommended dosage should be taken to avoid any side effects.

Avoid Hard, Chewy, or Spicy Foods: Hard and chewy food items such as candies, chewing gum, crunchy snacks, and tough meat can aggravate dental pain and activate gum irritation. Prefer soft and easy-to-swallow food such as yogurt, bananas, cereals, mashed potatoes, and smoothies.

Practice Jaw Rest: Absurd jaw movements and grinding can heighten tooth pain of any sort. Give proper rest to your jaws and gums, and avoid activities that require expansive mouth opening such as yawning, shouting, or singing.

Stay Hydrated: Adequate liquid intake helps flush out the bacteria and toxic particles from the mouth. It brings freshness into the mouth and makes you feel better. Also, avoid sugary beverages and acidic drinks as they can irritate gums and trigger pain.

At Boston Dental Center, we have qualified, skilled, and experienced dentists who can expertly handle everything from initial consultation to surgery and follow-up. The treatment duration can be from 40 minutes to one hour. You can trust our experienced dentists to make the process comfortable and risk-free. Make your dental health a priority.

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