OPG (Orthopantomogram)

OPG is a panoramic dental X-ray that captures a wide view of the lower face, displaying all the teeth in the upper and lower jaws on a single film. It is commonly used by dentists and orthodontists to assess the overall dental health, including the development of teeth, jawbone, and the presence of any dental issues such as cavities, infections, or impacted teeth. OPG is particularly useful for planning orthodontic treatments, assessing wisdom teeth, and diagnosing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

CEPH (Cephalometric X-ray)

CEPH is a specialized X-ray technique used to obtain a detailed view of the side of the head. It provides information about the size and position of the teeth, jaws, and facial bones, which is essential for orthodontic treatment planning. CEPH X-rays are crucial for diagnosing jaw abnormalities, facial asymmetry, and determining the best approach for orthodontic interventions such as braces or orthognathic surgery.

3D X-ray (CBCT - Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

3D X-ray, also known as CBCT, is a modern imaging technique that provides a three-dimensional view of the teeth, jaws, and surrounding structures. Unlike traditional X-rays, CBCT offers high-resolution images with minimal distortion, allowing for precise diagnosis and treatment planning in various dental specialties, including oral surgery, implantology, and orthodontics. CBCT scans are particularly valuable for assessing complex dental issues, such as impacted teeth, bone morphology for implant placement, and detecting dental infections or tumors.

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